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Our open approach gives every member of your team – including developers, IT architects, and data scientists – access to the most complete, integrated portfolio of data and analytics tools anywhere.

Data movement in the cloud made easy

The Simple Data Pipe allows you to connect to data behind web APIs and land it all in one staging ground in its native form using Cloudant NoSQL DB. Bluemix provides prebuilt connections to data sources as well as integrations with both dashDB for data warehousing and Analytics for Apache Spark™ for advanced analytics processing.

Quick faceted search for your app

Want to turn your spreadsheet or SQL dump into a faceted search engine? The Simple Search Service helps you quickly create a faceted search API for use in your own app or website using open source code for Cloudant NoSQL DB and Redis by Compose. In just a few mouse clicks, you can deploy this Node.js app to Bluemix and upload data so that it’s automatically indexed for search. Simple Search Service’s RESTful API even caches popular search results for faster retrieval, keeping your app speedy.



dashDB offers fully-managed, SQL database services. You can use it for data warehousing and analytics, or transactional and web workloads. Your database comes with on-disk encryption, daily backups and a web console packed with features, including an SQL editor, data import tools and more. For more information, visit


Cloudant NoSQL DB is a fully managed data layer designed for modern web and mobile applications that leverages a flexible JSON schema. Cloudant is built upon and compatible with Apache CouchDB and accessible through a secure HTTPS API, which scales as your application grows. Cloudant is ISO27001 and SOC2 Type 1 certified, and all data is stored in triplicate across separate physical nodes in a cluster for HA/DR within a data center.

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Hybrid Data Service (HDS) with multi-engines to support JDBC, MongoDB and Rest interfaces to visit data

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